Parry Pharmacy is your friendly, local, family owned and operated Pharmacy situated conveniently at 36 Young Street in the heart of lovely downtown Frankston.

Parry Pharmacy interior

Parry Pharmacy interior

Brett and Caroline Parry purchased the pharmacy formerly known as Pharmacist Advice in 2009 and for four years were directly attached to Frankston Healthcare Medical Clinic. In late 2014 the pharmacy moved into the premises next door which is twice the size of the previous shop.

Starting with not much more than a concrete shell, Caroline and Brett designed the new pharmacy from scratch and built a modern, functional shop which utilises well all of the extra space available.

Some of the features that there wasn’t room for in the previous premises include a private consultation room, play area for the kiddies and a big commercial refrigerator full of very inexpensive drinks.

parry pharmacy interior (before)

parry pharmacy interior (before)

Although the shop has changed, our ethos remains the same as it has always been. At Parry Pharmacy we believe that the way pharmacy used to be, when the pharmacist knew your name and you knew their name, was better than the large, impersonal, supermarket-styled pharmacies of today.

Our shop staff include Sue and Sandra who are very knowledgeable in all things in front of the dispensary and will gladly help you find the right ‘over the counter’ solutions to your health needs.

We are also trying to disprove the notion that ‘you get what you pay for’. We have a price matching policy and will match the prices of those giant, impersonal, junky supermarket, discount shop-type pharmacies, whilst still giving you the friendly, old-style, come in and have a chat type of service you only get from the smaller, owner operated businesses such as Parry Pharmacy. 

Brett and Caroline in parry pharmacy dispensary

Brett and Caroline

We have a lovely bunch of regular customers that is growing each day, but there is always room for one more and so if we haven’t yet made your acquaintance, we would love you to pop in. We’re pretty sure your experience will be a pleasurable one and that maybe you could consider making us your pharmacy and entrust us to help look after your health and medicine needs.

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